[Framework-Team] minutes of April 24 framework team meeting

David Glick davidglick at groundwire.org
Tue Apr 24 19:03:33 UTC 2012

April 24, 2012 – Framework Team Meeting
Attending: Eric Steele, David Glick, Ross Patterson, Alec Mitchell, 
Craig Haynal, Laurence Rowe, Liz Leddy

- PLIP 11965 (ResourceRegistries resource bundles): Eric merged for 4.2. 
Clearing up test failures introduced.

- PLIP 8699 (Published date): framework team has no concerns, go ahead 
with implementation.

- Discussion on lists re theme control panels: Agreement that having 2 
control panels is non-ideal, but not sure best way to resolve. 
Suggestions welcome.

- PLIP 12844 (Switch to new version of TinyMCE): Approved for core. Next 
step is review of implementation. davisagli is champion, eleddy will 
also review.

- Jens Klein's proposal about handling portraits via property sheets. 
Liz will follow up to get him to submit a PLIP

- PLIP 10886 (new event type): still in progress, may not be ready for 4.3.

- PLIP 12110 (plain text searches ignore accents): ready for merge.

- PLIP 10959 (API for password validation policy) and 12521 
(Customizable password generation & validation): Liz will touch base and 
ask them to coordinate.

- PLIP 11773 (Dexterity): David will merge soon.

- PLIP 11838 (z3c.form support for portlets): ready for merge.

- PLIP 12024 (Non-inherited portlet assignment context): closed due to 
lack of response from author.

- PLIP 12266 (add adjustable css class option on static portlet and 
collection portlet): ready for review. Ross and Alex will review.

- PLIP 12350 (Integrate selected portions of jQueryUI - DRAFT): Eric 
will ask Steve McMahon to champion. Okay for 4.3 if it's ready but won't 
hold up 4.3 for it.

- PLIP 12238 (Add multi-sources personalize form extension): Clarified 
that this was rejected some time ago.

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