[Framework-Team] [Plone-developers] PlonePAS portrait handling

Elizabeth Leddy elizabeth.leddy at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 17:52:58 UTC 2012

On Apr 11, 2012, at 2:28 PM, Jens W. Klein wrote:

> Products.PlonePAS handles every user data as some property on a 
> propertysheet, except the portrait photo.
> The portrait is stored at portal_memberdata - which is fine - but it is 
> not exposed on the property sheet nor is it fetched as such.
> In my opinion its a must to handle the portrait photo the same way as 
> all userdata. Exposing a photo from a different source - i.e. ldap, sql, 
> remember - means now to patch PlonePAS - and this is ugly and error-prone.
> I'd like to change PlonePAS in a way to support this, but before I start 
> I'd like to read your opinions.
> My proposed changes are:
> - add a new mutable propertysheet dealing with one property 'portrait'
>   and use current portal_memberdata storage
> - change the methods used to fetch, store and delete the portrait on
>   portal_membership and portal_memberdata to use the propertysheet.
> - add a traverser to the photo to support non-zodb data.

I would like this but, how would this work? How does the PAS story fit in here?

> - add tests
> Code using the current API would not be affected. Supporting a different 
> data source for the photo would follow the usal PAS API.
> What do you think?
> Do we need a PLIP for this?

I'm all for this idea. I feel like a plip would just help with the review process more than anything. I wouldn't mind deprecating the old way either and making a plip would help this happen. I doubt the FWT would say no to this and I know I have a project that could use this functionality.


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