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David Glick davidglick at groundwire.org
Tue Apr 10 06:32:33 UTC 2012

On 4/8/12 11:00 PM, David Glick wrote:
On 4/1/12 4:04 PM, Eric Steele wrote:
So now that we've got plone.app.collection in 4.2, how do we want to handle collections portlets?

We currently ship with plone.portlet.collection. plone.app.collection adds its own, largely the same (though missing some of the more recent features/fixes added to the other).

Should the p.a.collection version be made the default (and updated for parity with p.portlet.collection) or should p.portlet.collection be updated to handle the newer collections (and remove the portlet functionality from p.a.collection)?

Seems like the latter would be the simpler option.

I made some progress toward supporting new-style collections in plone.portlet.collection (by adding a backward-compatible queryCatalog method to the collection class in plone.app.collection...really not too hard except for figuring out how to get non-IContentListing-wrapped results out of the query builder). Remaining tasks:
- The code path for when the 'random order' option is selected is currently broken. To fix it the BBB queryCatalog needs to accept a sort_on parameter and pass it through to where the query is constructed.

- The plone.portlet.collection functional test needs to be updated to create a new-style collection instead of a Topic.

- We need to figure out what to do with the unnecessary portlet in plone.app.collection. (There have been releases of plone.app.collection so it doesn't seem like we should just remove it. A migration will be a pain since it'll have to find all the portlet assignments to update them. If the 2 portlet assignment classes have the same attributes maybe we can use a module alias, but I haven't evaluated that.)

A module alias turned out to work great. So I removed the bulk of the implementation and just left that alias.


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