[Framework-Team] 2011-06-14 Meeting Minutes

Eric Steele ems174 at psu.edu
Tue Jun 14 19:48:44 UTC 2011

(Thanks, all for helping!)

14 June, 2011 Framework Team Meeting

Attending: Eric Steele, Craig Haynal, Laurence Rowe, Ross Patterson, Alec Mitchell, Yiorgis Gozadinos, Rob Gietema, Elizabeth Leddy

	• Matthew Wilkes has decided to step down from the team, citing a lack of time to participate. Would appreciate consideration for future teams.
	• One week extension requested by the authors of the following PLIPs approved:
		• #9352 Search results
		• #10886 New event type
	• PLIP #10902 (Collections):
		• Status: Now ready for review
	• PLIP #9327 (Unified List Interface):
		• Status: Now ready for review
	• PLIP #10959 (API for password validity):
		• Status: Now ready for review
	• PLIP #10886 (New event type):
		• Status: Discussion of current status on dev list.
		• Concerns: Recurrence functionality needs widget, performance testing, optimization.
		• Actions:
	• PLIP #11774 (Test mail server):
		• Status: Submitted for consideration
		• Concerns:
		• Actions: Approved for consideration. Elizabeth will champion. Reviewers assigned.
	• PLIP #11880 (p.a.theming)
		• Status: Template functionality moved to an extension package. Ready for review.
		• Concerns: jbot [overrides]. Should jbot be a p.a.theming core function? It doesn’t work in themes shipped as zip files.
		• Actions: Approved for core and now ready for review. Eric will ping the UI team to take a look.
	• PLIP #11773 (Dexterity):
		• Status: zc.relation and grok dependencies have been removed from trunk (to be 2.0). David has asked for the FWT to start the review process.
		• Concerns:
			• Possibility of mixing unicode and encoded strings in catalogue, we need to make sure any of the default indexed fields return utf-8 values through their CMF accessors (as Title() already does.)
			• There was some concern that Dexterity did not yet completely match Archetypes functionality and that few add on products using it exist yet. Others felt this was a chicken and egg problem.
		• Actions: Approved for core. Laurence will champion.

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