[Framework-Team] Final decision on PLIP 9327 (Unified interface for lists of content)

Geir Bækholt plone at baekholt.com
Fri Jan 21 14:52:21 UTC 2011

On 20-01-2011 16:57, Eric Steele wrote:
> I'd like to get a final consensus on whether or not PLIP 9327 will be included in 4.1. From discussion last week, several of you wanted to hold out until we knew whether collections and search results would be in. At this point, it looks like those two will be pushed off for 4.2.
> With 5 of 8 votes in, it stands at a +4 for inclusion. Are there any objections to my considering it approved?

I was told to prioritise documentation, but i'll be happy to convert 
default listing templates or portlets to use it.

One of the more important cases with contentlisting is to make it easier 
to start using it as an integrator and that addons can depend on it. For 
that is important that it is included, not an addon.

Geir Bækholt

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