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Elizabeth Leddy eleddy at umich.edu
Fri Feb 25 20:02:46 UTC 2011

> I cannot remember any Plone releases that only took 6 months - even
> when we tried hard. I'd usually expect a 50% overrun from any stated
> timeline, so while aiming for 6 months we can manage to do a release
> after 9 months. We'd have to aim for a 3-4 months cycle to actually be
> able to do two releases in a year.

Excellent points.

About how long would you say it takes to flush out the alphas and betas? It
would be great to say "6 month cycle, feature freeze 4 months in" or
something specific like that.  In this continuous cycle it would mean than
someone can integrate 3 months into the cycle or right from the get go as
long as it passes final review by feature freeze day. Perhaps this would
also give a bit of motivation as well. It's a deadline for a release and
missing it means 8 months in the tubes.

I am new to the release process so I'm sure this is a bit naive but I gotta
hope that with some retrospection we can actually plan these releases
without having "fake" timelines. But maybe this isn't the project for that
kinda thing. I bow down to the elders on this one.


> And I wouldn't really want to do more than two releases per year, or
> we risk getting too fragmented, diverging code bases and very short
> support lifecycles for each release (only the last 4.x release gets
> bugfixes at any given time according to our current policy).
> I think we could aim for a spring and an autumn release, expecting
> most people to be busy in summer vacations and around x-mas/new year.
> Hanno
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