[Framework-Team] Reworking the PLIP Lifecycle | discussion

Elizabeth Leddy eleddy at umich.edu
Thu Feb 24 02:26:15 UTC 2011

Hey guys -

After the meeting I have drafted some documentation for the new PLIP Life
Cycle as would be seem from an implementors perspective. I tried to be
detailed so the process was clear and also came across a few questions (they
are indicated with a number in brackets plus an explanation at the end).
Would love to have some feedback on this, especially the questions at the
end. Feel free to respond over email or just edit the document:

In general, I'd like to give the fixed release schedule a 6 month test
drive. If it sucks we can go back to status quo or move forward with the
latest and greatest.

I still need to put together some sort of tracking spreadsheet but I don't
think it's necessary until before the next meeting. There are a lot of PLIPS
hanging out in the tracker from 2 years ago so we definitely need to do some

Looking forward to your feedback!

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