[Framework-Team] Re: Documenting the process

Israel Saeta Pérez dukebody at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 10:37:31 UTC 2010

Eric Steele wrote:
> I'm finding that I'm consistently wrong about how I think whole Plone thing works. Every assumption I had coming into this job has been met with some sort of "No, we have a process. It's just not documented". Let's fix that.
> I'm looking for some help in actually writing down the process of how a major release of Plone comes together. Rough list of necessary parts would be:
>  * Choosing a FWT
>  * Choosing a release manager
>  * The role of the FWT
>  * The role of the Release Manager
>  * PLIP review process
> 	* By what standards is a PLIP judged?
> 	* By what standards is a PLIP implementation judged?
>  * Creating the release
> Suggestions for missing sections? Anyone willing to help me write this?

I'm willing to help on this for sure! Just mail me directly or ping me 
on IRC if you need quick help since I don't read this mailing list too 

http://plone.org/documentation/manual/plone-core-developer-reference is 
the place for this kind of documentation.

I'd prefer to keep all documentation in the same place instead of 
spreading it over plone.org and the Trac wiki. Why are you using the 
Trac wiki instead? Permissions issues?

-- israel

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