[Framework-Team] Plone 5 - rough roadmap

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Tue Mar 16 20:14:40 UTC 2010

What does transitional doctype have to do with geolocation?

(and XHTML STRICT is a problem, since it implies serving with XML MIME type,
which IE doesn't handle, so that's unlikely to happen)

On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 12:48 PM, Veda Williams <veda at groundwire.org> wrote:

> This brings up the question of when we're moving away from Transitional
> DOCTYPE. Do we have a sense of when this will happen? I'm particularly keen
> on knowing, as it opens up the door for us in terms of geolocation in the
> next year or so.
> Thanks,
> - Veda
> On Mar 16, 2010, at 12:40 PM, Alexander Limi wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 4:45 AM, Wichert Akkerman <wichert at wiggy.net>wrote:
>> I'ld like to see a list of pros and cons of using HTML 5 as well. I am
>> quite worried by the lack of proper support in existing browsers. None of
>> them implement any of the existing HTML standards properly, and I fear that
>> switching to the still unfinished HTML5 would be a several steps too far at
>> this point in time.
> What parts in particular do you find are not working? Browsers that don't
> have dedicated support for HTML5 will just treat those tags similar to div
> elements (given an HTML5 shiv <http://ejohn.org/blog/html5-shiv/> for
> styling to apply in IE), and most of the new form-related enhancements are
> additive in nature.
> In general, HTML5 renders even on IE6, there isn't much magic here (but of
> course it doesn't get any of the advantages either). HTML5 is mostly about
> standardizing edge case behaviors and adding new abilities that will
> gracefully degrade in older browsers — and then a few new tags like
> video/audio (that are also relatively easy to make degrade) and structural
> elements like article/footer, etc.
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