[Framework-Team] Re: Beta 1 is (essentially) out! FWT, your job is done.

Ross Patterson me at rpatterson.net
Fri Mar 12 18:38:55 UTC 2010

Hanno Schlichting <hanno at hannosch.eu>

> On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 11:14 AM, Laurence Rowe <l at lrowe.co.uk> wrote:
>> What happened in the 3.x series, I thought the 3.0 team stayed on.
> No. One member of the team stayed on from the 3.0 team for the 3.1
> team. The 3.1 team then stayed the same for the 3.2 and 3.3 releases.
> The main idea here was that the x.0 release requires a huge time
> investment and we don't want to stretch the same persons too much.
> We've also had some drop-outs from overworked members late in the
> process, so we cannot just take the existing team.
> For the "official" process, the secret society of emeritus framework
> team members would now put out a call for new applications for the 4.1
> team. This same group will then select the new team. As a formality
> the new framework team would then confirm the release manager or
> suggest a new one to the Foundation Board.

FWIW, if it's not *undesirable* to have FWT members stay on, I'd very
much like to continue as a FWT member.


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