[Framework-Team] Plone 5 - rough roadmap

Hanno Schlichting hanno at hannosch.eu
Fri Mar 12 15:07:23 UTC 2010

Hi there,

with Plone 4 beta 1 out the door and the 4.0 framework team having
done its job, it's time to look ahead into the future a bit.

Eric has started the discussion around Plone 4.1 already, I'll let him
drive that process :)

But I had a look at the PLIP's we have seen and feature discussion we
had in the past.

Currently listed for Plone 4.x are things like:

- Include plone.app.registry
- Include z3c.form
- Improved commenting infrastructure
- Improving the event type with recurrence, etc.
- New roles : Webmaster/site administrator and novice users
- Unified interface for lists of content
- New collections UI
- Well formed, valid XHTML (as a foundation for easier theming via xdv)
- ... tons of new or better features

I think there's lots of good stuff in there. I think with Plone 4.0 as
a new technical basis we need some time to make Plone the product
better again. Image and media handling, better usability, better
support for common tasks, more content lifecycle management, ...
there's a lot we can and should do here. Figuring out what exactly
should be part of Plone Core won't be easy, but I have a feeling our
feature set is lacking behind the competition in various ways now.

On the "future" side we have:

- Chameleon
- Deco / Blocks
- Dexterity
- xdv as the default theming story
- deprecate portal_skins
- ...

I don't want to go into the details of any one of those, but my
general feeling is that none of these are anywhere ready to be shipped
as part of Plone Core.

My current idea would therefor be to aim for a Plone 5.0 release
roughly 18 to 24 months after Plone 4.0 final is released. We could
aim for 18 months if we only do a 4.1 release, but I assume we are
going to do a 4.2 release as well (both taking about 9 months from
experience). At that point 24 months is more realistic.

That means these technologies and projects will need to evolve outside
the core for some time. I'd hope they could bring up some PLIP's for
4.1 and 4.2 which will make their life easier - much like Dexterity
has already done with CMF 2.2 and Plone 4.0. Sometimes these might
just be events, interfaces and some more adapters to make things
independent of Archetypes.

Does this kind of roadmap has general agreement?


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