[Framework-Team] Re: A suggestion to egg on add-on product authors

Eric Steele ems174 at psu.edu
Fri Mar 12 01:00:57 UTC 2010

Thanks, Jon! I'll take care of this tonight. :)


On Mar 9, 2010, at 10:20 AM, Jon Stahl wrote:

> Bravo!
> Eric, can I suggest that you take the opportunity of the beta release
> to send out an email from "The Release Manager" to the wider Plone
> community in which you specifically remind add-on product developers
> to test and update their add-on products, provide a link to the
> upgrade docs (which already exist, right?) and celebrate the
> significant number of add-on products that are already Plone
> 4-compatible?
> Here's some rough-draft text to get you started -- I just think that
> you're the most "authoritative" (read: shame-inducing) messenger. ;-)
> This should probably go to developers, users, product-developers.
> Maybe even plone.org/news.
> best,
> jon
> =====
> Plonistas-
> Plone 4 beta 1 is now out.  It's the culmination of months of hard
> work by dozens of Plone developers -- what we'd originally envisioned
> as a "boring" release is now without question the most exciting
> release of Plone ever: faster, more beautiful and easier to use than
> ever before.  Thanks to all of you who've made it happen!
> As we enter the beta stage of our release cycle, our focus shifts,
> splits and widens.  We need everyone -- not just core developers and
> framework team members -- to start testing the beta in as many routine
> and not-so-routine ways as possible, to find and document bugs, and to
> join the core developers in making fixes.  Fixing bugs is a great way
> to make your first contributions to the Plone core.
> Perhaps even more importantly, it is time to focus on testing and
> updating add-on products for Plone 4.  Most products will require only
> minor changes (if any).  We've quietly made a great start on this
> already -- Plone 4 already has more compatible products at the
> beginning of the beta process than any previous Plone release!  But
> there is much more to do.
> If you're the author of a Plone add-on product, your "to-do" list for
> the Plone 4 beta cycle should include:
> 1) Test your product against Plone 4
> 2) Make any necessary changes -- see
> http://plone.org/documentation/manual/upgrade-guide/version/upgrading-plone-3-x-to-4.0/updating-add-on-products-for-plone-4.0
> for a detailed overview of the handful of minor changes you need to
> make -- including tips for updating themes.
> 3) Tag a new release of your add-on product and upload it to
> Plone.org.  Be sure to set its version compatibility so it shows in
> the search at http://plone.org/products?getCategories=&getCompatibility=Plone+4!
> Kudos to the many folks who've *already* released Plone 4 compatible
> versions of their popular products, including:
> Steve "PloneFormGen" McMahon
> David "Various Groundwire Products" Glick
> David "PDFPeek" Brenneman
> Ralph "Classifieds" Jacobs
> Luca "custommenu.factories" Fabbri
> Espen "SubSkins" Moe-Nilssen
> Nathan "PloneTrueGallery" Van Gheem
> Niteoweb
> Roberto "Various Themes" Allende
> Malthe "Collage" Borch
> Manubu "c2.transform.office" Terada
> Wojciech "collective.disqus" Lichota
> G. "qiPortletTagClouds" Gozadinos
> ... and more -- see the full list at:
> http://plone.org/products?getCategories=&getCompatibility=Plone+4
> Thanks for being out ahead of the curve!
> If you're an everyday Plone user, you can help by installing Plone 4
> beta 1, testing your favorite add-on products, and reporting bugs to
> the add-on products issue tracker at http://plone.org/products.
> If you're not already on it, the Add-on Product Developers list is a
> great place to discuss add-on product compatibility and updates.
> http://plone.org/support/forums/addons

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