[Framework-Team] A suggestion to egg on add-on product authors

Jon Stahl jonstahl at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 15:20:10 UTC 2010


Eric, can I suggest that you take the opportunity of the beta release
to send out an email from "The Release Manager" to the wider Plone
community in which you specifically remind add-on product developers
to test and update their add-on products, provide a link to the
upgrade docs (which already exist, right?) and celebrate the
significant number of add-on products that are already Plone

Here's some rough-draft text to get you started -- I just think that
you're the most "authoritative" (read: shame-inducing) messenger. ;-)
This should probably go to developers, users, product-developers.
Maybe even plone.org/news.



Plone 4 beta 1 is now out.  It's the culmination of months of hard
work by dozens of Plone developers -- what we'd originally envisioned
as a "boring" release is now without question the most exciting
release of Plone ever: faster, more beautiful and easier to use than
ever before.  Thanks to all of you who've made it happen!

As we enter the beta stage of our release cycle, our focus shifts,
splits and widens.  We need everyone -- not just core developers and
framework team members -- to start testing the beta in as many routine
and not-so-routine ways as possible, to find and document bugs, and to
join the core developers in making fixes.  Fixing bugs is a great way
to make your first contributions to the Plone core.

Perhaps even more importantly, it is time to focus on testing and
updating add-on products for Plone 4.  Most products will require only
minor changes (if any).  We've quietly made a great start on this
already -- Plone 4 already has more compatible products at the
beginning of the beta process than any previous Plone release!  But
there is much more to do.

If you're the author of a Plone add-on product, your "to-do" list for
the Plone 4 beta cycle should include:

1) Test your product against Plone 4
2) Make any necessary changes -- see
for a detailed overview of the handful of minor changes you need to
make -- including tips for updating themes.
3) Tag a new release of your add-on product and upload it to
Plone.org.  Be sure to set its version compatibility so it shows in
the search at http://plone.org/products?getCategories=&getCompatibility=Plone+4!

Kudos to the many folks who've *already* released Plone 4 compatible
versions of their popular products, including:

Steve "PloneFormGen" McMahon
David "Various Groundwire Products" Glick
David "PDFPeek" Brenneman
Ralph "Classifieds" Jacobs
Luca "custommenu.factories" Fabbri
Espen "SubSkins" Moe-Nilssen
Nathan "PloneTrueGallery" Van Gheem
Roberto "Various Themes" Allende
Malthe "Collage" Borch
Manubu "c2.transform.office" Terada
Wojciech "collective.disqus" Lichota
G. "qiPortletTagClouds" Gozadinos
... and more -- see the full list at:

Thanks for being out ahead of the curve!

If you're an everyday Plone user, you can help by installing Plone 4
beta 1, testing your favorite add-on products, and reporting bugs to
the add-on products issue tracker at http://plone.org/products.

If you're not already on it, the Add-on Product Developers list is a
great place to discuss add-on product compatibility and updates.

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