[Framework-Team] Death to the roadmap page?

Steve McMahon steve at dcn.org
Fri Sep 25 19:29:08 UTC 2009

Hi Framework & Website Teams,

For those of you not following the plone-users list, there's a discussion
that included the fragment:

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 7:16 AM, Marie Robichon <robichon at esrf.fr> wrote:

> You have to admit it there is not even a reassurance on the Plone site that
>  the future is going to get easier, or clearer: Take a look at what's
> behind
> the link "Roadmap: Our plans for the future". - if you were new to Plone
> what would you make of the page that's behind this link ? There's no simple
> presentation, no description, no nOOb talk, nor even any 'sales talk' about
> how wonderful the next versions of Plone are going to be.  It's just a list
> of PLIPs, ie the same obscurity that's now everywhere else and that's
> understandable to only a minority.
> ...

Unfortunately, the situation is *much worse* than Marie indicates, as the
roadmap page is completely obsolete and outdated since we switched to trac.
It's more than a bit embarrassing that we link to it from the home page.

We should have something better, but meanwhile, what should we do with the
old roadmap page? It may be useful to some as a historical artifact.

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