[Framework-Team] [Plone 4] Framework Team Minutes - Sept 23, 2009

Eric Steele ems174 at psu.edu
Wed Sep 23 20:53:52 UTC 2009

Attending: Eric Steele, Erik Rose, Ross Patterson, Alec Mitchell,  
David Glick
Absent: Calvin HP, Raphael Ritz, Matthew Wilkes, Laurence Rowe

Short meeting as everyone is still recovering from initial review  

	• So what now?
	• Eric's been preoccupied this week and didn't send out a reminder  
email to the initial wave of implementers (shaaame). Everything is due  
by next Wednesday so we can do a final review.
	• Missing FWT members? Make sure they know that voting is happening  
and where it lives.
	• Accounting for them...How many votes do we need to accept for  
merging? 50%+1 with a minimum of 5 votes.
	• Eric will update FWT on which PLIPs are ready for merging.
	• Reviewers, please update your reviews for the merge-ready PLIPs.

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