[Framework-Team] [Plone 4] Framework Team Minutes – Sept 16, 2009

Eric Steele ems174 at psu.edu
Tue Sep 22 21:29:13 UTC 2009

Attending: Eric Steele, Alec Mitchell, Ross Patterson, Erik Rose,  
Laurence Rowe, David Glick
Absent: Calvin HP, Raphael Ritz, Matthew Wilkes

#7822: Concerns over benchmarking results. http://weblion.psu.edu/static/loadtesting/plone4.0/diff_ReadOnly-20090916T_055113-plip7822-blob-support_vs_064300-plipbase/index.html 
  and basic ab tests run. Others point out significant positive  
performance impact for large files, small negative impact for small  
files. Would appreciate comments from Andy. Comfortable overall,  
issues are fixable, possible performance issues should be noted.

#8801: David: All are now using pngs. Migration issues fixed. No  
objections from the FWT to moving forward with this PLIP.

#8802: David: Some of the issues from Hanno's review have been resolved.

#8808: No full reviews done. David: See news.txt and  
BACKWARDS_COMPATIBILITY.txt for majority of changes in Plone. Possibly  
email dev list with a call for comments on changes marked in those two  

#8814: Zope 2 changes have been merged. Will be in next release of 2.12.

#9214: Happy with implementation.

#9249: Can mostly coexist with Kupu for those attempting to migrate  
between the two. Concern: has its own output transform: how will that  
work with both installed? Would be a great move to refactor a lot of  
the shared functionalities out of the editors. Can we do that in a 4.1  
release? David will email implementers about transforms questions.

#9256: David: Added suggestions on new implementation path, but has  
reconsidered. Laurence: Use string.Template?

#9263: Erik: Looks good. i18n:attributes="title" be made implicit.  
Important to re-add "owner".

#9264: David: Non-controversial. Saw performance degradation in early  
look, Martin has updated. Ross: Seeing performance degradation in read  
only tests, which is unexpected. David will ask Martin if there's any  
reason for it that he's aware of.

#9283: Not enough done to discuss. Pass on it for now. Hope we can add  
it in 4.1

#9288: Laurence: First impression, really good. Dependency on  
z3c.form, plone.app.registry. No load testing done. Migration? Running  
into some errors (moderation), so hard to completely judge. Hand back  
and see where he gets with it.

#9305: Ross: Straightforward, +1. PLIP said it'd add a controlpanel  
option, hasn't added one yet, we'd rather it not.

#9309: Needs a lot of code reworking: uses monkeypatches, needs better  
method names, has unused imports. We hope it can be done in time for  
4.0, but may be put off for 4.1. Two language barriers here, Python  
and Japanese. Suggest adding comments in Japanese, we'll find someone  
to translate.

#9310: Ross: Doesn't work. Haven't heard back from implementer. -1 for  
now. Send up a flare and try to get implementer to fix it. Ross will  

#9311: Let implementer address comments.

#9316: David: Looks good. Changes non-risky. Some failing tests to  
fix. PLIP mentions migration code needed yet.

#9321: Needs some UI tests. Is it a win? Erik noticed some  
incompatability with WebKit.
Run it past the UI team.

At this point, I had to leave the discussion and haven't had the spare  
time to catch up on the remaining 30 minutes of audio. Can anyone sum  
up discussion of #9327 and #9352?

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