[Framework-Team] reminder: review them PLIPs!

David Glick davidglick at onenw.org
Tue Sep 15 03:43:45 UTC 2009

Hello fellow team members.

I wanted to remind you all that our next meeting, when we can  
hopefully make decisions on another round of PLIPs, is coming up in  
about 40 hours.  There are still many reviews outstanding (almost no  
progress has been made since the last meeting, except for Martin  
Aspeli's gracious contribution of 4 reviews).  Come on, let's get this  

At this point I believe our top priorities are:
- completing additional reviews for the PLIPs that don't have 2 yet
- FWT members should be reading the reviews for PLIPs that have 2  
reviews completed and are listed under "Review in Progress" on the  
PLIP votes spreadsheet, and inserting your votes in the column  
corresponding to your name.

Calvin, Matthew, and Raphael, I'm somewhat frustrated to see not a  
single PLIP review in your names (nor even a request for being excused  
from this responsibility).  Is there any factor blocking progress on  
reviews that we can help with?  Even a partial review (e.g. focusing  
only on certain aspects of the code or only on the user experience) of  
a single PLIP would help us make progress.


David Glick
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