[Framework-Team] update on tests

David Glick davidglick at onenw.org
Mon Sep 14 06:41:30 UTC 2009

During our call last week Ross linked to his output from bin/alltests  
which was showing quite a few failing or erroring tests.  I still  
haven't been able to reproduce his results.  At the moment I'm only  
seeing failures in the following packages:
- plone.app.portlets (one probably trivial failure which I just e- 
mailed Eric about)
- Products.ExternalEditor (same failures in Plone 3)
- Products.SecureMailHost (I'll only pay attention to these if Alec's  
PLIP to replace the mailhost can't be merged)
- Products.kupu (some failures due to a trivial change in the  
captioning output markup)

This is from a fresh checkout of the Plone 4 coredev buildout, after  
modifying buildout.cfg to use eggs-directory = eggs (to avoid getting  
things from my egg cache) and running bin/buildout -Nvc buildout.cfg.   
I did have to manually install PIL (to get it to link against the  
correct libjpeg) and lxml (to get it to link against the correct  
libxml2 and libxslt.  lxml is required by the wicked tests.  On my  
upgraded Snow Leopard, lxml's --static-deps option ended in a compile  
error so I used these libs from macports.)

I suspect that the remaining failures that Ross is seeing may have to  
do with binary dependencies that I happen to have on my machine but  
Ross doesn't.

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