[Framework-Team] FWT Meeting Minutes - Sept 9, 2009

Eric Steele ems174 at psu.edu
Thu Sep 10 10:01:39 UTC 2009

Attending: Eric Steele, Alec Mitchell, Ross Patterson, Erik Rose,  
David Glick
Absent: Calvin HP, Laurence Rowe, Raphael Ritz, Matthew Wilkes

  * Break deadlines into chunks. Some of these need more review than  
  * Alec will pick up #9309. Ask Vincent Fretin to guest-review.  
(Later note: He's said yes.)
  * Concern about failing tests. Some of this is due to things being  
    after PLIP branches were made.
  * Really only comfortable judging PLIPs with two reviews. Some of  
the simpler ones are fine with just one.
  * 9250: Name change has been made. Plone 4 should use this  
somewhere. Tabs? Fieldsets?
  * 9258: Well tested, good package. Should dialog be inline/modal?
  * 9259: In favor.
  * 9295: Fairly incomplete at this point. Difficult to review. Needs  
    polish, user testing. Basic UI concepts are good. No migration from
    existing collections. Ross is working on benchmarks. Candidate for  
a minor
    release. We'll see where they are in 2 weeks.
  * 9315: Has a destination in mind, just hasn't reached it yet.  
Suggest Alex find someone
     to help with the non-design parts of the PLIP (failing tests,  
repackaging of existing theme).
  * 9329: Needs a lot of UI work, but is on the right track. Also a  
candidate for a minor release if needed.
  * 9285: Mostly complete. Link needs to be changed.
  * 9286: Needs new CSS style for hidden portlets. Needs migration for  
old static portlets.
  * 9376: Optimizations made in archetypes.schemaextender have  
rendered this moot.
  * 9186: In favor. Do we cover files with this as well? Generally
  * 9272: Don't need per item on/off. Eric updated review accordingly.
  * 9284: This is really more of a bug to be fixed in CMF than  
something we
    should be patching in Plone.
  * Eric will send out another email tossing shame and roses as  
appropriate. Also request some volunteers for guest reviews.
  * The above PLIPs were judged. Let implementers know that their  
PLIPs have
    been evaluated. They can refute any suggestions on list or in  
    They'll have 2 weeks to complete the suggested changes.

After the meeting, we also waved through #9330.


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