[Framework-Team] Re: Framework Team: Time is short, we need your reviews.

Ross Patterson me at rpatterson.net
Wed Sep 9 16:20:53 UTC 2009

Eric Steele <ems174 at psu.edu> writes:

> Framework Team,
> Friendly cajoling has not produced results, so the time has come for
> some public shaming. Your initial 2 week PLIP implementation review
> period came and went. We added another week. With 24 hours left on
> that new deadline, we're not much closer to being finished.
> Shame. Shaaaame.
> We'd agreed that each of you would review a minimum of 6 PLIPs. Here's
> the breakdown of what you've done so far vs what you signed up for:
> David Glick		5 of 7
> Calvin HP		0 of 6
> Alec Mitchell		5 of 6
> Ross Patterson	0 of 8
> Raphael Ritz		0 of 0
> Erik Rose		3 of 7
> Laurence Rowe	1 of 2
> Matthew Wilkes	0 of 6
> In total: 14 of 42. Ugh. Half of the team hasn't completed even one
> review, which tells me that providing more time won't be at all
> productive.
> In order to have any sort of discussion, we're going to need at least
> one full review per submitted PLIP. To this end, I'm assigning you
> each 1-2 PLIPs to cover so that we can move on and stop delaying Plone
> 4. I've tried to account for relative complexity of each PLIP, the
> number you've completed so far, and the number I think you can
> realistically complete before tomorrow's FWT meeting (I'm leaving out
> Raphael because I haven't heard a peep from him in 6 weeks).
> 9214	Support logins using e-mail address instead of user id		Erik Rose
> 9249	Add TinyMCE as the default visual editor					David Glick	
> 9263	GenericSetup syntax for importing Sharing page roles		Calvin HP
> 9283	A more lightweight backend for collections					Alec Mitchell
> 9288	Improved commenting infrastructure						Laurence Rowe	
> 9305	Use real names instead of usernames						Ross Patteson

I'm working on this one now.  Pretty much done and a pretty clear +1.

> 9309	Better search for East Asian (multi-byte) languages.	            	
> Matthew Wilkes	

> 9310	User registration process more flexible
> Ross Patterson	

Done, doesn't work for me, so -1 unless it can be fixed.

> 9311	Clean up of user related actions UI
> Matthew Wilkes	
> 9321	Reimplement the search form with an eye on usability
> Erik Rose

> 9330	Add ability to choose role when adding new site members	Eric Steele

I'm signed up for this one.  If I have time to get to a 3rd one, would
this be the best one?

> 9352	Search results improvements	                                			
> Calvin HP
> In conclusion: Shaaaaame.

Sooowwwy!  :)

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