[Framework-Team] Framework Team: Time is short, we need your reviews.

Eric Steele ems174 at psu.edu
Tue Sep 8 20:18:34 UTC 2009

Framework Team,

Friendly cajoling has not produced results, so the time has come for  
some public shaming. Your initial 2 week PLIP implementation review  
period came and went. We added another week. With 24 hours left on  
that new deadline, we're not much closer to being finished.

Shame. Shaaaame.

We'd agreed that each of you would review a minimum of 6 PLIPs. Here's  
the breakdown of what you've done so far vs what you signed up for:
David Glick		5 of 7
Calvin HP		0 of 6
Alec Mitchell		5 of 6
Ross Patterson	0 of 8
Raphael Ritz		0 of 0
Erik Rose		3 of 7
Laurence Rowe	1 of 2
Matthew Wilkes	0 of 6

In total: 14 of 42. Ugh. Half of the team hasn't completed even one  
review, which tells me that providing more time won't be at all  

In order to have any sort of discussion, we're going to need at least  
one full review per submitted PLIP. To this end, I'm assigning you  
each 1-2 PLIPs to cover so that we can move on and stop delaying Plone  
4. I've tried to account for relative complexity of each PLIP, the  
number you've completed so far, and the number I think you can  
realistically complete before tomorrow's FWT meeting (I'm leaving out  
Raphael because I haven't heard a peep from him in 6 weeks).

9214	Support logins using e-mail address instead of user id		Erik Rose
9249	Add TinyMCE as the default visual editor					David Glick	
9263	GenericSetup syntax for importing Sharing page roles		Calvin HP
9283	A more lightweight backend for collections					Alec Mitchell
9288	Improved commenting infrastructure						Laurence Rowe	
9305	Use real names instead of usernames						Ross Patteson
9309	Better search for East Asian (multi-byte) languages.	            	 
Matthew Wilkes	
9310	User registration process more  
flexible	                            		Ross Patterson	
9311	Clean up of user related actions  
UI	                                		Matthew Wilkes	
9321	Reimplement the search form with an eye on usability	        Erik  
9330	Add ability to choose role when adding new site members	Eric Steele
9352	Search results improvements	                                			 
Calvin HP

In conclusion: Shaaaaame.


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