[Framework-Team] Reminder: PLIP reviews due Wednesday

Eric Steele ems174 at psu.edu
Sun Sep 6 19:50:51 UTC 2009


A reminder that the our deadline for PLIP reviews is this Wednesday.  
We're still far short of having a suitable set of reviews.

Completed so far:
David Glick: 		5 of 7
Calvin HP: 		0 of 6
Alec Mitchell: 	5 of 6
Ross Patterson: 	0 of 6
Raphael Ritz:  	0 of 0?
Erik Rose:  		2 of 7
Laurence Rowe: 	1 of 2
Matthew Wilkes: 	0 of 6

Ideally, we need each of you to pick 8 to review, but at the least we  
really need to have a second reviewer for:

9284	Allow views to override skin layer elements easily
9288	Improved commenting infrastructure
9295	Improved UI for collections
9309	Better search for East Asian (multi-byte) languages.
9310	User registration process more flexible
9316	Unify folder implementations


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