[Framework-Team] congratulations, Eric Steele: release manager for "the new" Plone 4!

Jon Stahl jon at onenw.org
Sun May 31 04:19:11 UTC 2009


Congratulations... at our last meeting this past Thursday, May 28, the 
Plone Foundation board officially voted to appoint you release manager 
for Plone 4!

On behalf of the entire Plone community, we offer you our deepest 
appreciation -- Plone is an amazing volunteer effort from hundreds of 
people, but the role of release manager is a uniquely important, 
influential and intense (!) role.  So, thank you.  As individuals and as 
a group, we're looking forward to working with you more closely than ever!

The release manager role is not only an unusual amount of responsibility 
and influence; it's also unusual in that it's the only "official" role 
in the Plone community that comes with a paycheck!

Our current stipend schedule is:

 * Major releases (4.0): $5000
 * Minor releases (4.1, 4.2, etc): $2500
 * Maintenance releases (4.0.x, 4.1.x etc): nada

Typically, the release manager will invoice the Foundation after the 
release goes final.

This stipend plan is based on the release rythym for Plone 3; if you 
anticipate that Plone 4 will have a different approach, we're more than 
open to discussing alternatives.

Finally, we think that your appointment and the related recent changes 
to the Plone release plan are worthy of a solid Plone.org "News Item" 
for broad circulation.  After you've recovered from the Symposium, I'd 
like to ask you help us draft that, ideally in collaboration with Hanno 
and Mark Corum, who is helping us with message & marketing. 

Ok, really finally: congratulations, and thanks again! :-)

On behalf of the board,
Jon Stahl
President, Plone Foundation

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