Merging Enfold Desktop components upstream was Re: [Framework-Team] Working out-of-the-box WebDAV (PLIP 187) in Plone 3.4 or later

Alan Runyan runyaga at
Thu May 21 14:16:45 UTC 2009

There are quite a bit of pieces of Enfold Desktop server components that can be
pushed upstream.  One of the biggest issue(s) that needs to be resolved in
the filename collision/renaming policy.  This is non-trivial and hard
to get right.

Some examples:
uploading content that has unicode filenames, having hyphens or other
special characters.  What happens when you upload on top of existing file.
This set of policy is quite important to keep in sync w/ Plone web application.

I have to check but the vast amount of code that makes the WebDAV system
usable could be donated to the Plone Foundation.  If Graham or anyone wants
to take this on; contact me.

If you grab:

The interesting packages would be:
  - PropertySets & CMFPropertySets
  - DavPack (this is a series of patches that need to be merged
upstream to Zope, AT, Plone)
  - ExtensionRename (policy for how to handle renaming)
  - Lime and/or Calendaring (should be merged into ATContentTypes,
these are marshallers for Links and Events)

The upside is that this stuff has been in production a long time.  And
it does work with OS X.

alan runyan

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