[Framework-Team] Re: [Plone-developers] The new Plone 4.0, was Re: Plone 3.5

Tom Lazar lists at tomster.org
Thu May 7 10:37:50 UTC 2009

On 05.05.2009, at 23:44, Steve McMahon wrote:

> So, a couple of questions for us all:
> 1) If we call it Plone 4.0, can we restrict ourselves to a modest list
> of improvements that will actually get coded this summer and tested
> this fall?

that should be the litmus test for any feature IMHO, simple as that.
> 2) If we call it Plone 4.0, can we resist ourselves to changes that
> will not break existing theme products or well-constructed Plone 3 add
> ons?

a major release should be 'allowed' to break some things. but it  
should provide migration help for 3rd party devs; this is more a  
social skill than a technical skill. and i'm sure we can pull it off :)

e.g. 4.0 should contain blob support. that *will* break certain 3rd  
party products (mainly, of course, 'homebaked' blob products etc. any  
site that uses those will not work OOTB after upgrading to 4.0. that  
can't be helped per se. but we should make an effort to seek out any  
(sufficiently popular) 3rd party products and contact their developers  
and include them in the 4.0 process.

proactivity is the keyword here. don't call us, we'll call you.

just my €0.02,


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