[Framework-Team] Plone 2009: Going from here

Steve McMahon steve at dcn.org
Wed May 6 15:15:16 UTC 2009

We need to move the Plone 2009 proposal forward (whether it's 3.5 or 4.0).

I'd like to suggest that the combined Plone 3 and 4 framework teams
make the decisions on this.

It looks like me that you have a couple of sets of decisions to make:

1) Should there be a significant new feature release of Plone this
year? What are its most basic goals? Which framework team is in

Once that set of decisions is made, the framework team should nominate
to the board a release manager for the new release.

2) What should this new release be called/numbered?

You've had a lot of feedback on the numbering question from the dev
and docs lists. May I suggest that you seek some additional feedback
from the Marketing Committee? Version numbering is not just technical,
it's a matter of expectations and perception. The Marketing team may
be able to give you some feedback on the confusion or perception
problems that might result from one choice or another. Give them a
deadline for giving feedback.

I suggest that the Framework Teams try to make the basic decisions and
suggest a release manager by May 13th. That will allow the board to
take it up at our May14th meeting.



Steve McMahon
Reid-McMahon, LLC
steve at reidmcmahon.com
steve at dcn.org

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