[Framework-Team] Re: Plone Messaging

Ross Patterson me at rpatterson.net
Wed May 6 00:44:05 UTC 2009

JoAnna Springsteen <jluvsu2 at gmail.com>

>> So could a team be formed or delegated with the responsibility of
>> reviewing Plone messaging?  Would such an institution be a slippery
>> slope to too much dogma or other stifling restriction?  What might be
>> some other ways to improve messaging in Plone communities?  Is this an
>> issue we're already addressing sufficiently and we just need to give it
>> time?  Is there a value to enshrining this process even if it's already
>> happening?  Is this not an issue?  :)
> I believe that this is already being addressed with the work
> Gabrielle, Mark, et. al. have been doing. It's slowly becoming more
> and more visible (15 Questions, organized representation at events
> like NTEN & World Internet Expo, etc). While I'm not sure exactly who
> all is involved on the team, from what I've heard, there is a plan
> taking shape. I'm sure, like most of our teams, they probably need
> more help.
> Personally, I think one of the things that would help is a formal
> PR/Marketing/Evangelism contact so that any journalists looking to
> write about Plone or any press releases put out always have a
> representative to go to. Establishing a relationship with the such
> people can be very valuable when it comes to promoting events like
> World Plone Day or the Conference. Telling people to contact a mailing
> list just isn't enough (tho I think it should still be done so we have
> a record of such messages/inquiries).
> Establishing a leadership team for the doc team has helped us get
> organized and we operate much like the framework team. Having a
> recognized leadership for all of Plone's working groups might benefit
> from a guiding team?

I meant messaging in a sense larger than just marketing.  I think we
need to better communicate with and educate our communities of
consultants, developers, and users regarding subjects other than just
marketing and press.

For example, what expectations should consultants communicate to
technically minded clients about features in the next release?  When a
sysadmin and sometimes hacker at a non-profit gets excited about Plone
and starts advocating for its usage internally, what will she have read
that helped her set expectations that will guide her towards success?
What will a consultant have read by the time they decide to start taking
on Plone jobs to help guide ethical and successful consulting?  If any
of these people started or joined discussions on IRC, on the mailing
lists, or at a conference, will the community members participating in
those discussions have encountered enough queues about appropriate

These kind of messages are not largely or exclusively technically,
marketing, or user oriented.  They require a cohesion of all concerns.

Maybe I'm trying to be structural about something that shouldn't be
addressed that way.  It does seem, however, that this is a significant
challenge for our communities.  No?


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