[Plone-docs] [Framework-Team] Plone 3.5

JoAnna Springsteen jluvsu2 at gmail.com
Tue May 5 13:20:09 UTC 2009

(sorry if you get this twice)

> The idea is also to catch up with our platforms (Zope 2, Zope 3, CMF) as
> we're starting to look a bit out of date on Zope 2.10 + Zope 3.3 + CMF 2.1.

What's the significance of 3.5? Why can't this catch up be done in
increments? 3.4 then 3.5 then 3.6?

My worry here is that catching up will mean a repeat of 2.5. Not to
mention if we are changing this much stuff on a platform level that it
won't get documented. The framework team would have to be responsible
for documenting these changes as the documentation team just does not
have the man power. Sure, we made the 3.3 release w/ documentation and
that was relatively small stuff. If you go for a bigger release under
the 3.x series we're going to end up back where we started....New
technologies and no documentation. This will further the idea that
being a Plone developer is only for elite code jockeys. That's not
really something we want to reinforce, is it?

I gotta tell ya, this idea makes me really really nervous. I thought
the whole point of 3.x was to be stable and not repeat past mistakes?
I'm all for getting closer to 4.x but we need to do it in bite sized
steps, not all at once.


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