[Framework-Team] Plone 3.5

Tom Lazar lists at tomster.org
Tue May 5 11:58:02 UTC 2009

for the record, i think this is a great idea.

this will also take some weight off of the 4release, since some of its  
low-risk components will have had some real-world usage by then.

also, it should make migrations from 3.x to 4.x easier, i could imagine.

i'm also more than fine with eric as 3.5 release manager. thanks for  
volunteering, eric!

just my €0.02,


On 05.05.2009, at 13:44, Hanno Schlichting wrote:

> Hi.
> While everyone is waiting for Plone 4 and its rather long timeline,  
> some
> people have been thinking about how to bridge the gap between the
> current stable 3.x releases and the future.
> The general idea that seems to have met some consensus is to go for a
> Plone 3.5 release up next. We'd skip any 3.4 release and go for a 3.5
> that is similar in spirit to the Plone 2.5 release. It tries to both
> refresh some of our technical underpinnings in addition to some more
> intrusive feature changes we didn't allow ourselves in the 3.x  
> series so
> far.
> In order to frame the scope of such a release I made a listing of some
> of the potential features for such a release at
> http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=rFHYANxtkRfGYchi1QuS5dA. The  
> list
> is both non-exclusive and non-binding in the recommendations.
> The envisioned timeline for a Plone 3.5 release would be to aim for a
> final release either by the time of the conference or by the end of  
> this
> year, giving us six months or a bit more for it. By aiming for an
> after-summer beta deadline we will have a chance of leveraging some
> Google Summer of Code contributions for such a release.
> When it comes to the official personal involved in such a new major
> release, I'd like to suggest a slight deviation on our process. As  
> many
> to all of the features changes in question for the 3.5 release have so
> far been in the scope of the 4.0 release, I'd suggest to appoint the
> entire 4.0 framework team to be the official team for 3.5 as well.  
> This
> forces them to get involved with the process in a more defined and  
> clear
> way now.
> On the side of the release manager, Wichert has signaled that his
> workload as a freelancer will not allow him to take over the  
> shepherding
> of a new major release. We do however have with Eric Steele of PSU  
> fame
> a well-known interested candidate for the position.
> This is only a proposal that needs community feedback and  
> encouragement
> at this point to make it into an official roadmap. The next steps  
> are to
> have an open discussion about this for the next one to two weeks. If  
> it
> meets general favor, we will appoint the new/old framework team and  
> let
> them recommend a release manager to the Foundation board for official
> nomination.
> Cheers,
> Hanno
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