[Framework-Team] Minutes: 29 July 2009

Erik Rose psucorp at grinchcentral.com
Wed Jul 29 21:38:52 UTC 2009

Highlights from today's meeting

  * In order to quash the dependency on GroupUserFolder, we're  
unamimous in supporting upgrades only from >=2.5. 2.1 and earlier can  
take a detour through 2.5 to get to 4.

  * Talked in depth about Laurens' PLIP: showing full names instead of  
user IDs in user-visible places like bylines. We concluded that  
memoize backed by RAMCache is probably the best bet, but we would like  
to first see a simple (naive, cache-free) implementation and some  
benchmark numbers (pre- and post-implementation, ideally). Then we can  
decide, based on hard data, what caching (if any) to use.

The Calliflower recording isn't up yet.

To do

Start thinking about which PLIP implementations you'd be well-suited  
to review. It's probably too soon to actually claim any, though, since  
we'd have to rebalance the load anyway once we know which 40% of them  
actually get implemented.

Erik Rose

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