[Framework-Team] today's meeting

Hanno Schlichting hanno at hannosch.eu
Wed Jul 29 17:03:29 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 6:26 PM, David Glick<davidglick at onenw.org> wrote:
> A couple things I'd like to talk about:
> * Upgrade policy.  Currently Plone 3 supports migrations from Plone <=
> 2.0.5.  I was hoping to be able to do that for Plone 4 as well, but there is
> a tradeoff.  Plone 4 no longer has any runtime dependency on
> GroupUserFolder, so I was hoping we wouldn't need to depend on it any
> longer.  However, it is still needed in order to migrate Plone sites from
> before we used PAS (e.g., Plone < 2.5).  I think we have 2 options:

> Thoughts on which is preferable?

3. What about supporting upgrades from Plone 2.5 final and later?
These sites all have PAS installed already. Since 2.5 is considered a
"major" version, we would still support the upgrade from the last two
"major versions" of Plone instead of one. 2.5 also introduced
GenericSetup, and with an upgrade machinery depending on GS it is
easier to have that in place before any upgrade.

> * wicked / AdvancedQuery.  See https://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/9398
> ...Does removing this dependency make sense?  Is someone willing to
> volunteer to make the needed change in wicked?

I think the change makes sense. AdvancedQuery was only accidentally
included as a dependency of wicked and never got a proper risk
analysis. With Dieter Maurer now essentially gone and as far as I know
no longer doing any Zope development, we don't have any chance of
updating AdvancedQuery to silence all the deprecation warnings for


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