[Framework-Team] Re: [Plone 4] PLIP #9249 Add TinyMCE as the default visual editor

Martin Aspeli optilude+lists at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 07:47:43 UTC 2009

Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> The whole point of the agreement and the conservatory is that we have a 
> solid legal basis. I would really like to see an informed legal opinion 
> on the requirements for moving existing code to foundation ownership. 
> Without that I fear we may be on dangerous ground and risk making the 
> separate repository useless.

If someone has the time to do this and it doesn't cost anything, go ahead.

But don't let it stop or discourage people from doing what's right. The 
Contributor Agreement is pretty clear reading, especially the front page 
matter: http://plone.org/foundation/contributors-agreement/agreement.pdf

People get far too worked up over the What Would A Layer Do question, 
probably in the belief that there is in fact a black-and-white answer 
that they're just not qualified to know. I can understand it coming from 
Americans. They probably have wristbands with that written on them. Less 
so from the Dutch. :)


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