[Framework-Team] FWT Meeting 22 July 2009

Erik Rose psucorp at grinchcentral.com
Wed Jul 22 20:13:15 UTC 2009

Attending: Ross, Matthew, Eric, Erik, Calvin, Laurence(?)

-- PLIP progress --
* csenger has accepted his PLIPs.
* laurenskling attempted to accept his but was foiled by a permissions  
* Maurits is the only implementor we haven't heard from yet.

-- archetypes.schematuning PLIP --
Possible problem: schemas that change based on instance attrs would be  
overcached. We'll ask the schematuning authors to benchmark per-object  
caching for speed and RAM use. If it kills the performance benefit,  
we'll reconsider the current per-interfaces behavior.

-- Python versions --
Python 2.5 is no longer receiving bug fixes, aside from security  
fixes. Thus, we're leaning strongly toward officially supporting only  
2.6 for 4.0. However, we'll benchmark on 2.5 and 2.6. If 2.6 is a lot  
slower, we'll think about officially supporting both.

Recording: http://apps.calliflower.com/conf/download/3839?rec_key=0553f747be52398457b84dca12426d904f2d8280

Next week's meeting will be on the same day, same time.

Erik Rose

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