[Framework-Team] Plip 197 merged (FeedParser/plone.app.portlets)

Maurits van Rees maurits at vanrees.org
Sat Feb 28 21:16:51 UTC 2009


I have merged plip 197: Add FeedParser as external requirement instead
of shipping with it.

Affected is plone.app.portlets.  I did not create a maintenance branch
for this for Plone 3.2 as Andrew Burkhalter already did this for plip
126.  I merged my changes to the new 1.2 branch and to trunk.

In the versions.cfg of plonenext 3.3 I added this line:
FeedParser = 4.1
This is currently the only FeedParser release on pypi btw.

The roadmap item is marked completed and merged:

I think that's all there is to it.  If not, please speak up.


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