[Framework-Team] PLIP #246 ready for review (pending review notes)

Graham Perrin G.J.Perrin at bton.ac.uk
Sat Feb 14 11:10:19 UTC 2009

Before testing, I aimed to import a known good .ics (a UK Holidays  
calendar published by Apple) and a well-populated .ics of my own  
(1,000 or more events). For the import: using p4a.plonecalendar and  

When I attempt for example:


Plone responds:

> Calendaring product not installed.

1. Please, for test purposes, can anyone provide a well populated  
folder of events?

2. If not Calendaring + p4a.plonecalendar then can we suggest any  
other route to .ics import?


<http://pastebin.ca/1337026> (expires mid-February 2010).

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