[Framework-Team] PLIP #247 ready for review (I think)

Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Thu Feb 12 12:42:13 UTC 2009

On Feb 7, 2009, at 12:56 AM, Ethan Jucovy wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 3:37 PM, Andreas Zeidler <az at zitc.de> wrote:
>> On Feb 5, 2009, at 9:29 PM, Andreas Zeidler wrote:
>>> i noticed that.  in fact, i was trying to figure out how the  
>>> assigned value ("plone") ended up in `module_name`.  i
>>> ended up looked at the entry point's (the one you get from  
>>> `pkg_resources.iter_entry_points`) `__dict__`, assuming
>>> that some magic in `pkg_resources` would translate the "target" to  
>>> be meant as the module's name.  but apparently
>>> all given value end up as `module_name` in the dict.  i suppose i  
>>> should have had a closer look at entry point definitions first.
> Ah, yeah, a single entry point basically models a dictionary entry:
> `module_name` is (part of) the entry point's "value", which is
> imported as a Python object; `name` is the "key".

i was missing that info initially, but figured as much after a bit...   
thanks for clarifying it again, though.

>>>> Perhaps z3c.autoinclude could check if  
>>>> `os.environ.has_key('Z3C_AUTOINCLUDE_DISABLED')` and the test  
>>>> runner and/or a buildout option could set that environment  
>>>> variable?
>>> yep, also +1.  after all, that's exactly what environment variable  
>>> are for, aren't they? :)
> OK, z3c.autoinclude trunk as of r96193 checks for

great.  just one more tiny little suggestion:  how about catching the  
key error in the `enable_*` function, so people can use it  
unconditionally (i.e. without consulting `dependencies_disabled` first)?

     $ ./bin/zopepy
     >>> from z3c.autoinclude.api import enable_dependencies
     >>> enable_dependencies()
     Traceback (most recent call last):

> n/p, none of this has been too time-consuming yet :)


thanks for the update, ethan.  i'm changing my vote to +1.



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