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Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Thu Feb 5 21:19:14 UTC 2009

On Feb 5, 2009, at 9:48 PM, Andreas Zeidler wrote:
> [...] otoh, all reviewers should have informed the PLIP authors via  
> cc (or at least i hope so!?) so they know about these (minor) issues.
> as for 246, i'm especially +1 and will comment on your review notes  
> in the next mail... :)

heh, gotcha!  without a reply with your review notes at hand (neither  
from tom or you, btw :)), i'm gonna paste them in from the `REVIEW- 
NOTES.txt` for commenting:

> Framework team Plone 3.3 review #1 (Tom)
> ----------------------------------------
> [...]
> This however, resulted in a 404. It turned out, that the view was only
> registered for IATFolder and IPloneSiteRoot, but not for `Large  
> Plone Folder`
> a.ka. IATBTreeFolder. I took the liberty of `fixing this  
> myself`__ ;-) and it
> worked as expected.

yep, that was indeed a rather silly oversight on my behalf.  thanks  
for fixing it.

> [...] Most of the information entered into the event appeared
> in iCal however, multi-day events should be marked as 'all-day' -  
> but that's
> actually a limitation of ATCT's .ics implementation and not within  
> the scope of
> this PLIP.

i'd consider this a bug in ATCT and would suggest you create a ticket  
for it! ;)  you may assign it to me, though.

> From my perspective, there are only two issues remaining:
>  * the cache key doesn't need to include the negotiated browser  
> language since
>    the output, i.e. the ical data, isn't i18n-aware. (i.e. just  
> merge the existing
>    solution to this from `here`__ )

yep, as you've noticed (well, after pointing it out ;)) this has  
already been fixed in the supplemental `collective.icalfeed` package  
(which was created to support older version of plone, btw, including  

it also contains support for collections (see below), but i didn't  
want to start merging things back to the PLIP in the middle of the  
first review phase.  well, i also was too busy anyway...

>  * the calendar view should include the Title and description of the  
> containing
>    folder. Currently this is not the case and iCal defaults to  
> `Untitled` for
>    the title and to an empty description.

good one.  i'll make sure to add that during the revision phase next  

> Framework team Plone 3.3 review #2 (Raphael)
> --------------------------------------------
> I reviewed this under Ubuntu using Sunbird as calendar app.

great!  this is helpful as i've only tested it with iCal myself.

> In total I can confirm Tom's observations (but with 'Large Plone  
> Folder'
> support added in the mean time). Here some further remarks:
> * I propose to add support for collections (Topics) as well

like i said, that's already done in `collective.icalfeed` and will be  
merged back to the PLIP.

> * I propose to integrate this closer into the default UI. As of now,  
> you need
>   to manually enter the URL to get the feed. This could be done via a
>   document action with appropriate condition (potentailly trickey  
> and/or
>   expensive). At least one could add the link to the events portlet.

as said elsewhere before (or i least i think i have), i'll happily add  
such a link or action.  however, i'd really appreciate a short  
discussion about this as i've got too little UI expertise myself.   
perhaps danny and/or alex have a suggestion here?  or anybody else  
too, of course!

> * Since we offer vCal views in addition to iCal views for individual  
> events
>   it should be straight-forward to offer that as a feed as well.
>   Would that make sense?

i think it would.  frankly i simply neglected it in the initial  
prototype (why do the boring stuff? :)) and was too tired the night i  
tried to wrap up the PLIP in time for the submission deadline.   
reviewing it i would have suggested the same myself, though.

what would be a good way to test this, btw?

> * I wonder what it would take to enable writing back. Sunbird happily
>   offered me to change the imported events. It even asked me for my  
> password
>   on the Plone site I tested with. While I didn't get any error  
> message
>   nothing changed on the site either.
>   I know this is not the scope of this plip. Just want to ask those
>   who potentially know.

i'm not sure how much work it would be, but afaik there are already  
other packages implementing this.  i found at least one while checking  
for potentially already existing solutions for the ical feed, but not  
that i'm actually trying to find it again, i can't of course... :)

anyway, i think this would be a great feature, but is out of scope for  
this PLIP.



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