[Framework-Team] Re: Final review report

Tom Lazar lists at tomster.org
Wed Feb 4 19:14:16 UTC 2009

thanks steve, for the summary report!

there's only one thing i'd like to point out (or rather make  
explicit), namely, that:

On 04.02.2009, at 17:48, Steve McMahon wrote:

> [...]
> PLIP #234: Standardizing our use of INavigationRoot
> Review Complete: -2

does not mean, that it is flat out rejected. both reviewers (i.e. andi  
and myself) have stated, that the current deficits are fixable within  
the second review phase. AFAIK calvin has already started to work on  
it, based on our reviews.

like i said, i just wanted to state that more clearly to prevent any  



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