[Framework-Team] plone.z3cform and absoluteURL

Laurent Mignon laurent.mignon at softwareag.com
Wed Feb 4 15:50:21 UTC 2009


How can I do to have getMultiAdapter((myWrappedForm, request),
IAbsoluteURL) working when myWrappedForm is a z3c.form wrapped py

I've the feeling that something is missing in plone.z3cform to cover
this need. (maybe am I wrong...)

When a z3c.form is wrapped by the FormWrapper class, nothing is done to
mark the z3c.form as wrapped and to give it who is the original form
(the called BrowserView).

Marking the form_instance with a IWrappedForm interface and setting on
it a ??_original_form?? attribute will give us the opportunity to
register a dedicated adapter on IWrappedForm for IAbsoluteURL. The
adapter should only return a call
getMultiAdapter((myWrappedForm.??_oiginal_form???, request), IAbsoluteURL)

What do you think,



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