[Framework-Team] Re: more feedback on plone.app.discussion

Martin Aspeli optilude+lists at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 02:18:51 UTC 2009

Hi David,

Thanks for the detailed review!

> - The configuration UI works okay, but it would be nice if all the options
> relating to commenting were available in one place (including, e.g., things
> like which content types have comments enabled, whether or not moderation is
> enabled, etc.)  We can always write a form adapter that saves these options
> however we like, even if the settings are also available in the other places
> they are now, like the Types configlet.
We spoke about this when Timo built this part. My advice then was that as
long as p.a.d was a separate package, duplicating what was already in the
Types control panel would be confusing.

> - Currently moderation is a global setting (based on whether the Comment
> type has the comment_moderation_workflow or not).  It would be nice to be
> able to configure it so that comments are moderated for anonymous users, but
> not for users with some particular permission (e.g. "plone.app.discussion:
> Skip moderation").  For users with that permission, comments with a
> moderation workflow would get automatically published when the comment is
> submitted.

This can be done with an automatic transition guarded by this permission.

> - Is there a recommended way to provide e-mail notifications based on
> commenting (e.g. e-mail to the site owner when a new comment is submitted
> for moderation; e-mail to the commenter when it is approved; e-mail to the
> commenter when someone posts a reply...)

I hope we can make that happen with content rules. We may need to register
some new event types for the content rules engine, but that's easy enough.

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