[Framework-Team] [Fwd: more feedback on plone.app.discussion]

David Glick davidglick at groundwire.org
Sat Dec 19 01:48:39 UTC 2009

Thought the framework team might be interested in my notes on 
plone.app.discussion from a user / site admin perspective, since it 
didn't really get a full review during the 4.0 PLIP process.

David Glick wrote:
> Hey Timo!
> Just spent a while playing with plone.app.discussion to evaluate it 
> for use on groundwire.org and other Groundwire projects.  Here's some 
> feedback and questions...
> - As I mentioned before, it shouldn't specify a dependency on 
> particular versions of plone.z3cform and plone.app.z3cform (though 
> specifying a minimum version is okay).
> - The configuration UI works okay, but it would be nice if all the 
> options relating to commenting were available in one place (including, 
> e.g., things like which content types have comments enabled, whether 
> or not moderation is enabled, etc.)  We can always write a form 
> adapter that saves these options however we like, even if the settings 
> are also available in the other places they are now, like the Types 
> configlet.
> - The migration of old comments should probably be better documented.  
> It seemed to work decently when I ran it, although it reported "33 of 
> 15 comments migrated," which is a little odd.  One thing that would be 
> necessary for Groundwire is the ability to migrate the workflow state 
> recorded by qPloneComments.  plone.app.discussion probably doesn't 
> have to handle that, but I'm sure other folks are using qPloneComments 
> too, so it would certainly be nice.
> - Currently moderation is a global setting (based on whether the 
> Comment type has the comment_moderation_workflow or not).  It would be 
> nice to be able to configure it so that comments are moderated for 
> anonymous users, but not for users with some particular permission 
> (e.g. "plone.app.discussion: Skip moderation").  For users with that 
> permission, comments with a moderation workflow would get 
> automatically published when the comment is submitted.
> - It would be nice if comments pending moderation were visually 
> distinguished from published comments in the standard comments CSS.
> - The name of a commenter who commented while not logged in should not 
> appear as a link (because it doesn't function as one).
> - Old-style comments that haven't been migrated yet are showing up in 
> the moderation view, which could cause confusion.
> - Is there a recommended way to provide e-mail notifications based on 
> commenting (e.g. e-mail to the site owner when a new comment is 
> submitted for moderation; e-mail to the commenter when it is approved; 
> e-mail to the commenter when someone posts a reply...)
> - If commenter images are enabled, shouldn't no image be shown for 
> anonymous commenters and users with no portrait; rather than showing a 
> meaningless, blank anonymous portrait?
> Hope you find this feedback useful.  I'd be happy to discuss these 
> items in more detail.  Can't promise to help with implementation, but 
> perhaps some project will give me an opportunity soon.
> cheers,
> David

David Glick
Web Developer
davidglick at groundwire.org

ONE/Northwest is now Groundwire!

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