[Framework-Team] Re: who owns what, according to trac

Jon Stahl jon at onenw.org
Tue Sep 30 02:25:05 UTC 2008


Thanks for your comments; I will summarize and repost this to the dev 
list for further discussion. Maybe I will even move this list to the 
"Plone Strategic Planning" workspace at openplans so that we can edit it 
collaboratively without creating chaos.


Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Jon Stahl wrote:
>> Scratching my own itch (thanks to Hanno for suggesting I look at the 
>> component owner list in trac), I pulled together this list of current 
>> component owners, sorted into owned and unowned.
>> Archetypes                 nouri
> I wonder how effectively Daniel can manage this, given that it's such 
> a big piece of code. It'd be good to make sure we can form out bugs 
> here to others as needed.
>> Catalog                    witsch
>> Content Rules              optilude
>> Control Panel              hannosch
>> Image Blob Support         witsch
>> Installer (Mac OS X)       smcmahon
>> Installer (Unified)        smcmahon
>> Installer (Windows)        dreamcatcher
>> Intelligenttext            maurits
>> Internationalization       hannosch
>> Javascript                 mj
>> KSS (Ajax)                 ree
>> Linkintegrity              witsch
>> Locking                    jfroche   Navigation/Folder listings optilude
> I really wish I could give this to someone else... I don't "own" this 
> in any meaningful way, and I think I become a bottleneck.
>> NuPlone Theme              limi
> Limi is probably a bottleneck here. Unfortunately, we struggle to find 
> people willing to own template/visual bugs.
>> OpenID support             davisagli
>> Portlets                   optilude
>> Search                     witsch
>> Spelling Error             hannosch
>> Transforms                 hannosch
>> Versioning                 alecm
>> Visual Editor (Kupu)       duncan
>> WebDAV                     dreamcatcher
> This one tends to bottleneck, because not enough people know very much 
> about WebDAV.
>> ATReferenceBrowserWidget   Accessibility   Calendar and time   
>> Content Types 
> This one really should have an owner, since it's so fundamental.
>> Discussions   Documentation   Infrastructure (kind of a broad area) 
> Right, we should rationalise this away.
>> Login and registration   
> This one badly needs an owner. I think Wichert was looking after it, 
> but realised he couldn't keep up.
>> Mail
>> MimetypesRegistry
>> Permissions   RSS   RTL   Upgrade/Migration   Usability (also a 
>> pretty broad area)
>> Users/Groups
> Ditto - I think Wichert gave up on this one.
>> Visual and templates   
> This one is huge, and used to be Limi's.
>> Wiki support (Wicked)   Workflow   Working copy support (Iterate)
>> Are there owned components where the owner is not active?
>> Are there unowned components that are actually owned?
>> Which unowned components are the most critical to get owners for?
> See above.
>> Are there unnamed components that need owners?
>> Are there unnamed components that have owners?
>> Should I take this discussion out to the dev list? ;-)
> Please! If we can define what a component owner does, we can probably 
> recruit some more.
> Martin

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