[Framework-Team] Re: random thought: identify the components that lack owners

Hanno Schlichting hannosch at hannosch.eu
Fri Sep 26 18:53:28 UTC 2008

Tres Seaver wrote:
> Hmm, as an outsider, the FWT's job (reviewing and accepting PLIPs) is to
> do what a single BFDL would do in a project would have one.

It might seem so from a certain point of view. That's however not how it
has been intended and not quite what the current status is.

Here's the current situation from my POV (German-style, as in: short and
not meant to offend anyone, even if it sounds like it):

In the early days we had two BDFL. One for code, one for UI. The one for
code got busy growing his company and isn't involved in the core
development anymore.

We move on some years, get a terrible experience with the 2.1 release
and we realize we need to do something. Folks sit down and create the
framework team. It is intended to be a barrier for inclusion of bad and
unfinished code into the core.

The intended process of how growing Plone should work since the 2.1
release up until now is officially:

- Someone writes a PLIP.
- The community at discusses and generates consensus on whether or not a
PLIP should be accepted and if it should be included in the core.
- The submitter writes the code needed and submits it to the framework
team for a particular release.
- The framework team decides about the technical merit of the
implementation and if the goals outlined in the PLIP are met.
- The release manager for a release is appointed by the foundation
board. He has a final say in rejecting or overruling the recommendation
made by the framework team.

That's the official story so far. The framework team does not have a
mandate to decide about the general merit of a PLIP, but only on the
technical one. It is currently a peer-review team. It is only elected
for one release at a time and doesn't have any mandate to care about the
long-term roadmap of Plone.

What we are missing indeed these days is a technical long-term roadmap
and an authoritative team to set it.

Right now various core developers, including me, Martin and Wichert to
name a few of the most craziest contributers, push some parts into a
direction at times. I'm officially abusing the lack of an established
process for Plone SVN trunk to change it to my personal will right now.
That is easy in the short term but not a good idea in the mid or long term.

I think we need to address this issue and have an official story for
"Who inherits the role of Alan". History of open source projects have
proven, that once a founder has stepped down from being a BDFL there is
no way to go back to having a dictator again, so we need a team.

But maybe this only my personal view of the current situation?


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