[Framework-Team] Re: random thought: identify the components that lack owners

Hanno Schlichting hannosch at hannosch.eu
Fri Sep 26 18:05:16 UTC 2008

Jon Stahl wrote:
>> I'm wondering why this would be a task for the framework team?
> I'm open for suggestions about who else might take it on.

I'd say the general development community.

> I think we have a bit of a problem in that we have no
> formally-designated leadership team for the codebase of this project.
> The FWT seems like the closest thing we have in general, and on this
> topic, they (including you, Wichert) seem like the folks with the most
> relevant knowledge.

The people with the general knowledge might indeed be the ones, that
follow this particular mailing list.

I'd be very reluctant to make the framework team into a general code
leadership team, though. That's explicitly *not* what it has been
designed for and the way it is elected and the people are recruited
doesn't give them a lot of authority for this matter. It's also not what
they signed up for.

In my opinion we do not have an official leader or leadership team for
matters of general code and development related topics. This has been
the case since Alan stopped doing this job. If the community feels like
we should get such an authority back, we need to communicate this and
find a way of establishing such a team. This is too important to just be
assigned as an additional duty to an existing entity.


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