[Plone-developers] [Framework-Team] Re: Plone 3.2 and 3.3 planning

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Thu Sep 18 03:04:54 UTC 2008

Previously Tom Lazar wrote:
> if any of my previous conferences and sprints are an indicator, i just  
> *know* that i won't be doing any actual fwt review work while in DC.  
> but that's not important. review work is 'fleissarbeit' to use a nice  
> german term here and can easily be done alone, whenever one can find  
> some time. i'd like to use the time at the conference to discuss  
> actual ideas/plips and to brainstorm the future fwt process, so i have  
> no problem with a post-conference plip deadline (although, it  
> shouldn't be too far after the conference as to not remove momentum  
> from the ideas/plips that have been fleshed out during the conference.  
> so, i guess, i'm +1 on wichert's deadline of one week after the  
> conference. in fact, i think it's pretty much perfect...

Keep in mind that at this stage the review will not involve code at all,
only ideas/proposals. Which seems to fit with what you're doing at the
conference  :)


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