[Framework-Team] Re: Plone 3.2 and 3.3 planning

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sun Sep 7 21:42:25 UTC 2008

Hi Wichert,

>> We also need to determine what we do with existing eggs that have 
>> dodgy/missing dependencies, and whether or not we can make 
>> plone.recipe.plone optional (or just a dumb wrapper around zc.recipe.egg).
> We already have some suggestions and discussion on that and I have a
> local git tree which tries to solve a lot of this. I'll commit that back
> to svn after my vacation in a few weeks.

Cool! I think we need to decide if we want to go with the KGS route that 
Zope are using, the index route that repoze is using, a recipe route 
like we have now, or something else.

> This is not about code at all, it is about deciding early on if the
> PLIPs are desirable and correct so we can immediately inform the PLIP
> authors. I don't want people working very hard at a PLIP when we already
> know that it will not be accepted or that it will need to be changed.

Cool - that's what I thought. +1 for that.

> There is always a reason to wait for another date. I think a lot of
> people are coming up with ideas while preparing / psyching up for the
> conenference, so this schedule makes sense to me.

Sure, I can see it either way. However, I think the Framework Team 
should make the decision here, since this review step is almost entirely 
down to them. If none of them will have time or see themselves working 
on this during the conference, then we can make better use of the 
conference time to allow PLIPs to foster.

Personally, I'm leaning slightly in the direction of waiting for PLIP 
submissions until after the conference. There'll be several talks about 
and opportunities to discuss ways to improve Plone. If someone has a 
good idea and wants to PLIP it (and better yet, work on it) during the 
conference/sprint, telling them that the window is closed would be a shame.


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