[Framework-Team] PLIP #187: Working out-of-the-box WebDAV

Ricardo Newbery ric at digitalmarbles.com
Tue Oct 28 23:09:00 UTC 2008

On Oct 28, 2008, at 2:21 PM, Alan Runyan wrote:

>> If the OSX webdav support was dropped from this PLIP, then perhaps  
>> the PLIP
>> should be updated to make that clear. At the moment, it clearly  
>> suggests
>> that the OSX behavior was specifically targeted.
> I will leave that up to Sidnei.  Having a working WebDAV is a big  
> change.
> We have been working on the problem for over 3 years.  I would  
> suggest that
> sidnei/framework team focus on a platform agnostic dav client on the  
> first
> go around.  If you focus on having every platform supported fully -  
> it may or
> may not happen.
> I will let sidnei answer for himself.
> -- 
> Alan Runyan

Just to be clear, even though this issue is important to me, I'm  
agnostic about whether this particular PLIP *should* include OSX  
webdav fixes.

But regardless, I think we can agree that it is very important that  
PLIPs accurately reflect what is actually being proposed before they  
become part of the public release documentation.


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