[Framework-Team] Draft Call for Team Membership Applications

Steve McMahon steve at dcn.org
Tue Oct 28 16:10:25 UTC 2008

DRAFT Call for Plone 4.x Framework Team Members

Would you like to help choose what goes into Plone 4?

The Plone Framework team is now receiving applications for membership in the
Plone 4 Framework Team.

The Framework Team will be responsible for evaluating the PLone Improvement
Proposals (PLIPS) for Plone 4.x. The team also nominates the release manager
to the Plone Foundation Board, which does the hiring. PLIP evaluation
consists of considering the benefits and risks associated with a PLIP and
casting a reasoned and explained +/- 1 vote on each proposal. Framework Team
members also follow PLIP implementation, and make recommendations to the
Release Manager.

Qualifications include:

   - An awareness of community strategic discussions about Plone's
   - Ability to make a long-term committment. Plone 4 will take some time,
   and the team will stay together to work on the entire 4.x series.
   - A good understanding of Plone's architecture and UI: enough to weigh
   risks and benefits;
   - Time to keep up with discussions on the Framework Team mailing lists;
   - The ability to occasionally budget a significant amount of time for
   evaluating PLIPs in detail as feature-lock deadlines approach;
   - The ability to work with SVN well enough to test PLIP integration and
   implementation for final evaluation;
   - The personality to get along well in a flexible, give-and-take group
   process and to accept and support group decisions.

New Framework Team members will be chosen by existing Framework Team members
and involved FWT alumni. Considerations will include many criteria beyond
the simply technical. The new team must be balanced in skills and likely to
work well together.

Please note something new: the Plone 3.x Framework Team will continue to
work on enhancing Plone 3.x during the development of Plone 4 and possibly

If you're interested, please send an introductory note, explaining your
interest and qualifications, to framework-team at lists.plone.org. Postings
from non-subscribers are rejected, so if you're not a subscriber, send your
message to steve at dcn.org with a request for forwarding.
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