[Framework-Team] Comments on PLIP 244

Tom Lazar lists at tomster.org
Tue Oct 28 12:44:49 UTC 2008

On 28.10.2008, at 11:53, Ricardo Alves wrote:

> Hi framework team,
> I'm sorry I didnt' comment on the previous discussion about PLIP  
> #244, but I wasn't subscribing this list. Anyway, I'd like to  
> comment on some of the objections already posted in the PLIP page.
> About the usefulness of site-wide portlets, let me give an example:  
> you have a static portlet assignment at a folder, and that portlet  
> makes sense only in the context of that folder, so you want to block  
> it in subfolders but keeping site-wide portlets visible (e.g. like  
> news, review list, events, etc). Currently you can't do this, unless  
> you manage to setup some weird combination using the other  
> categories...
> Let me also make it clear that the idea here is not to break with  
> existing functionality, neither with any concept. The idea of  
> marking categories as "not inherited by subfolders" would be  
> extremely useful. Currently, you need to block inheritance in all  
> subfolders.
> Anyway, I'll be happy to reformulate this PLIP, or even split it  
> into smaller ones, after some more discussion.

i think the latter would be a good idea, because IMHO there are some  
good ideas in the plip that are worth implementing in their own right,  
i.e. point #3:

"Improve the portlet management screen to show all portlets that can  
be shown, so users are able to see what's going to be blocked with a  

i'd vote that +1 any time. it would also open the door for blocking  
portlets not per category (the whole category idea is misguided IMHO  
in regard to portlets) but per instance. (that might be a separate  
plip, too)

just my $0.02,


> Thanks,
> Ricardo
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