[Framework-Team] PLIP #187: Working out-of-the-box WebDAV

Alan Runyan runyaga at runyaga.com
Tue Oct 28 12:20:20 UTC 2008


Please confirm, the outstanding questions are:

  - Wichert asking, "How are the marshallers configured via GenericSetup"

  This is a great question.

  - Ricardo asking, "how the OS X resource fork issue was resolved."

 We should not focus on how a certain platform works
correctly/incorrectly. We should focus on getting a standard webdav
client to work.  By standard I mean either davlib.py or cadaver.  Not
OSX or Windows Web Folders.  FWIW: Enfold Desktop uses davlib.py.

WRT "The implementation does need to be thoroughly reviewed."  Yes it
will take framework team some time.  So I would suggest allocating
lots of resources to reviewing these changes since they are many.

The PLIP should grow by 2-3 paragraphs explaining at a high level what
changes were made and why they were made.

Does this sound correct?

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